LUSH GREEN, Conveys, Imageries, Bright, And Fresh, Of enthralling, Landscapes, Overflowing, With Olive Groves, Vineyard, Cypress Trees, Like Tuscany’s, Val D’ Orcia, A Special Gift, Delightful, to see, Abundant, Full, of Nourishment, Representing, This Season’s Provisions, For us all.


If Lilies, Could Speak, They would, Not hesitate, To share Insights, Into their Origin,  Using words like, ‘Joy’, ‘Beauty ’, ‘Lusciousness’, Communicating,  Exhilaration, For their prominent Leaves, Which has become, The Symbol, Of unwavering Love, And Fruitfulness, Relaying Satisfaction , With their, unique Shades, White, Yellow, Pink, Red and Orange, They are hard to miss,…


A Soul, Crushed, By Neglect, Can be, REINVIGORATED, In the, Mighty Arms, Of  Understanding, Where, Knowledge, Regarding, the Value, Of each individual, Abides, thrives, As well as, Communicates, Deep insights, Capable, best at, Transforming, Feelings, of discouragement, Into, visions of advancement, Catapulting, the discouraged, To realms, where Progress, is a watchful Friend.


Home, Is much more, Than a, lavish structure,  We dream, of living in,  It is the, LIVELY PLACE,  Of Our, Existence, A Sanctuary, Where Freedom, And Love, are the Pillars, More durable, than Tuscan Columns, Here, Laughter, abounds, Walls, are covered with, Petals, And the scent, of Sunday’s Roast, Fills the air, producing Gladness!


Your, Persistence, Is a, MAGNET, For Advancement, Triumph, Greatness, For, it Beautifies, Continuous Efforts, With, Radiance, Like, the Crystals, Of Amethyst, Amplifying, Your Presence, In any, Niche, Until, what is most, Desired, Clings to You, in a posture, of Loyalty, To Produce, massive Results, Earning Praises, from Those, Who once mocked, and cast You, aside.


REST, Is Succour, Life-changer, Soul-helper, Calm – giver, Stimulating,  The Mind, To imagine, Depths, Of beauty, Warmth, Radiance, Capable, Of existing,  Within, any space, Not just, in dreams, Fuelling, innovations, To create, Substances, We desire, for the Future.


For many, The NIGHT TIME, Is a, Chariot of adventure, With gazes hovering,  Over, the City’s landscape, Whose, bold Incandescence, Forming Montages, Reveals, the Magnificence, Hidden, during Daytime,  Seeking, to be Unveiled, By the curious mind, and explored, Leading, to a Voyage, of Discovery, Possibly, lasting a life time. But, for those Fearful, Of Changing Seasons,…


FORTITUDE, Pushes Through, When the Signs, Says ‘STOP! The Journey, is Difficult! Ignore, that Voice, For It came, to Test, The depth, of Your Defiance, If You, Resist, Persist and Proceed, On the Bridge, of Possibilities, Hope will Arise, in Your Heart, Supplying, Reinvigoration, to Advance, further, Until you Reach, the Landscape, of Triumph, Where…


Passion’s, Flames, Rises, To Defend, The Heart’s, Convictions, Fuel, for longevity, From, the pelting, Of doubts, intimidation, Weapons, of dissuasion, By burning up, deception, So, Words of Life, can flood in, Persuading, renewing enthusiasm, In a Soul, once distressed,  To strive, and accomplish,  THE VISION, STRONG AND PRECIOUS.


Her, GLOW, Reflects, The depth, Of calmness, Produced, From an, awareness Also, assurance, Of Life’s , ability, To provide, cater for, Opportunities, To embark, On a, Fulfilling Path, Where, We can create, Unique Footprints, By Our Exploits, And, Knowledge, Gained, becomes Guide, To those seeking, An impactful, existence.


The, Vibrations, Of Joy,  Can be, Likened, To the, Sounds, From, A Piano’s, Key strings , With, Soft, And Loud, Melodies, Stirring up, Hope, to Resonate, Through, the Heart, Delighting, the Soul, Clarifying, Energising, An unforgettable, reminder, For the weary, to PERSEVERE AND WIN.


When, Pressure, Mounts, Threatening, To overwhelm , Your mind, With, distress, Anxiety, and Stress, Gain, STRENGTH, To Persevere, Against all Odds, From, taking steps, Filled, with determination, To accomplish, the fruitful plans, Entrenched, in the visions, of your heart.


Would you cast, All goals aside, When faced, with mountains, Too high to climb, Cause of, other’s retreat, Frightened, by the rock’s claws, Or does adversity, symbolise, An irreplaceable, opportunity, To demonstrate, your ability, As you persevere, AGAINST ALL ODDS?


This ROCKY CLIMB, Is not for ruin, or defeat,  But rather, the best gateway, To the fortunes, waiting, at the other end, Far removed, from the gloating water, spiteful, Splashing with might, drenching the feet, Just to distract, as you cross the rubicon, despite the resistance. This ROCKY CLIMB,  Is your ‘Augustus’, a rebirth, Handle…


TENACITY, Is a, harbinger, Of, Great Fortune, For out, of its being, Flows, conviction, Like utterances,  Gushing, from,  Many, mouths, Upholding, Destinies, Till they Flourish, beyond Seas, Persistence, is the bedrock, Ensuring, a massive increase, In Skills, Capacity and Triumphs.


Agility, Is a CROWN, For it will, Set you apart, And bestow, Influence,  Affluence, From those, Who rely on, The Swiftest, To ride, Boldly, And Conquer,  The highest, Terrains.


The, Brightest,  Shades, Add, Immense, Volume, To the,  Soothing, Presence, Of Pastels,  Peach or Olive, Filling up,  The background, With vibrancy,  Much needed, To showcase,  These colours, And their,  Gentle form, Together,  They achieve, A COMRADERY, Inspiring many,  To collaborate,  In building ,  A buoyant Haven,  Of continuous Delight.


As, the days, Get longer, Accompanied, by, Brightness, like Summer, Look out, for the Beauty, Enshrouding, your life, For its goal, is to comfort, inspire, uplift, Until the shadows, dark, and suffocating, Which lingered, throughout, the harsh season,  Are repelled, by an inner might, ignited, When understanding, dawns, that adversities, Should serve, as the propeller,…


Individuality, Provides, order, Like, a PARTITION, Through, personalised, Expressions, designs, Creating, resounding, Rhymes, and Rhythms, Made, from the heart,  With, a Unique blueprint, Capable, of providing, New insights, for massive,  Transformations,  and developments.


Tomatoes, Mixed, With Potatoes, Is an, eclectic blend, Of flavours, and textures, Unusual, but can provide, A hot brew, of juiciness, Vigour and warmth, During, winter months, Roasted or stewed, These darlings, Of the earth, Stimulates, the mind, Supports, the bones, Adding vitamins, As well as minerals, Rejuvenating cells, tissue, organs, Until health becomes ruler, …


A Vase, of  INESTIMABLE BEAUTY, Gains its value, from the brightness, it exudes,  Light, and cheery, able to ignite Joy, in every room, It does not require, a spectacular, floral scheme, Just a bunch, of oriental Lilies, or Roses, will do, For the Radiance, of this carved ornament,  Emanates, from purpose, bestowed by its Potter,…


PATIENCE, Is a, resting place, Tranquility’s home, Able to, resist pressures, And confer, a radiant glow, For it is, encompassed, By strong, thick, walls, In the, brightest hues, Supplying, illumination, To withstand, the bombardment, Of confusion, and discouragement, Until the answer, which was desired, Appears, as sunrise, on a dark, cold day.


The Expressions, Of uncertainty , Can sound, like noise, Alienating hearers, Seeking refuge, In the arms, of Calmness,  Against bombardment, By hurtful thoughts, Yet, could these, unfamiliar chants, Be, the SOUND WAVES, Powerful enough, To unshackle the Soul, From, the grips of torment? Are words, spoken loudly, Capable, of unveiling answers,  Buried deep, in our…


Steps, Of Courage, Are Precious, For they are, Able to propel,  Any Person, Irrespective of Fear, Age or Limitations, To realms, of Magnificence, Where Success, is Possible, And WORKS OF BEAUTY, Are, the language, of Expression.


Time, Stands, as a, DOORWAY, To Life, Progress, Creating room, For possibilities, Ideas, visions, efforts, To fuse, and expand, Till spaces, previously abandoned, Are inhabited, by solutions, innovations, Overwhelming delay, by maximising opportunities, Releasing Calmness, Rest, Satisfaction and Longevity, to flow.


Dear Friend, Embrace Your, Unique Qualities, Capabilities, Gifted, as Treasures, Refined, and Defined, By burning heat, like Gold, Able, to help you, SHINE BRIGHTER, Regardless, of the Gloom Present, Just as Yellow Glows, in the midst of  Grey.


IF THE EYES, Could See, Through, Magnified Lenses, Like a Canon, Sigma, Or Nikon Camera, It would discover, Insights hidden, In the Mundane ,  Naturally empowered, With the ability, To unravel Problems, Dispelling oppositions, While increasing, The mind’s agility, and Awareness, Until the best solutions, Are identified, And implemented, With unshakeable Conviction,  Resulting in, uplifting…


Allow the Sight, Of a Breakfast Table, Overflowing, with berries, Dark, juicy and strong, Remind you, of fruitfulness , The ability, to increase and multiply , Embedded, in our words and actions, Resulting, in the monuments, we see on earth, today, And  legacies,  generations will inherit, for tomorrow, Such an awareness, can produce REFINEMENT LIKE…


Be, The CENTREPIECE, Of Your, Masterpiece, Display, the Unique, Thought Processes, Solutions, Refinement, Rooted, in Your Mind, For this, would Add, Immeasurable Value, With immense Beauty, To the Works, and Services, You establish, throughout the Earth, Producing much Transformation , and Progress.


When dark fogs, Gather, Darkening sight, Obstructing the way, Causing each turn. To appear, As a death trap, Refuse to panic, As there is a solution, Lurking, In the corners, of your mind,  It is called, the Sub-conscious, Ignited, it can show the way, Out of the bay, filled with mist,  Although, dangers are certain,  Deep…


LUSH GREEN, Conveys, Imageries, Bright, and Fresh, Of enthralling Landscapes, Overflowing, with Olive Groves, Vineyard, and Cypress Trees, Like Tuscany’s, Val D’ Orcia, A Special Gift. delightful to see, Abundant, full of Nourishment, Representing, this Season’s Provisions, for us all.


As the days, Get longer, With Tulips, Blooming, In varied colours, Enjoy, the Sun’s Glow, Released, by dawn, To act, as shade, from the rain, Dispensing,  warmth and energy, Rejuvenating, many hearts, In need of reassurance, that the darkness, Will flee someday, from their homes, And Light, would saturate, each room, With blessings of LIFE,…


The crystals, Of the green beryl, Known, as EMERALD, Showcases, the high value, Infused, within our essence, Metamorphic, in nature,  With a hard core, utilising heat, To produce a gentle, luminous glow, Unchangeable with age, like a Gemstone. 


In Your, EMBRACE, Is where, I call Home, Love and Joy, Lives there, Providing, Reassurance, To withstand, Pressures , You are more than, a Lover,  But also my Comrade, in Life’s Journey, Shielded by Trust, Honesty and Loyalty, This is the lasting Source, of our Bond, Propelling us Higher, above Obstacles.


When difficulties, Abound, relentlessly, Causing fear, and anxiety, Refuse to yield, or drown in despair, Energise, your RESILIENCE, With courage, and determination, Upheld by hope, ruling  in the heart,  Ensuring triumph, over hopelessness.


Betrayal, Tends to unleash, An unending, Cycle, of emotions, First comes, confusion, Followed, by distress, At the loss, of a relationship, Then sadness, mixed with anger, For the deception, and devastation, Hate might show up, if the pain lingers, Despite this, a NEW LIFE,  can be created, From fragments, of good memories, hidden in the…


A Family, Is similar to, A mood board, With designs, Where individuals, Of different ages, Personality and abilities, Are merged together, Like a COLLAGE, Immersed in shared Goals, Upheld by Commitment, Able to harness Strengths,  To achieve a lasting Legacy, Filled with the Fruits, to achieve more.


Lavish, The Space, You Live in, With Affection, Create an Ambiance, With a Unique Mix, Of Colours and Textures, Orange,  adds Shine, Green, ushers in Freshness, Yellow, is a symbol of Happiness, Like a Painter, allow each piece of Decor, Express your VISION, VALUE AND VIGOR.


On a large magnificent field,  In the heart, of a coastland, Lay a spread of plants, growing side by side,  What makes this a PECULIAR ARRANGEMENT, Are their diverse composition,  and dissimilarity in form and smell, But these plants, are companions, helping each other to grow, free of  oppression, Roses and Garlic, is not a…


I, Adventurer, Renounce FEAR, Feelings of dread, Sent to deter me, From leaping across, One mountain, to another, Conquering towering heights, Discovering treasures, frontiers, Upon the Earth’s surface, undaunted, For my Heart, is made of Gold, The boots, I wear,  a gift from Steel, Fashioned, after I conquered deceit, Strengthening my senses,  to face all…


What is the point, Of  RACING, tirelessly , Towards, the finish line? Isn’t the essence, of life’s journey, For us, to discover and develop, Capabilities , infused marvellously, Into our being, from conception? Would the applauds, Of spectators, along the way, Provide motivation, to gain insights, To increase self-awareness, for greater achievements? Could we channel,…


Words, Of Delight, Encouragement, Gratitude, Hope, Attracts LIFE,  Unceasingly,  Into a Home, Replacing Wallpaper., Destroyed by Sorrow , With Paint, made of Fruitfulness, To Create, an atmosphere,  Where Success would flow, easily.


Our Essence, Can be Vibrant,  Enriching, Bright, Able to Multiply, Into a bountiful Harvest, Of increase, and Structures, To Sustain us, through tough Days, Cold, Snow, times of Perplexity, Ensuring FRUITFULNESS,  Like the core, of a well – drained Soil,  Where seeds are nourished, and equipped to Flourish.


A Heart, Filled with, The Passion, To Discover, Possibilities, Treasures, Hidden behind Walls, Is Rosy, Luscious, It Blossoms, Beautifully, Like SPRING’S CHERRIES, For the shaft of Sunlight, Visible each Morning,  Supplies new Strength, Brightens Life’ Pathway, So that Imagination,  Would mix with Determination, daily, To achieve an overflow, of Satisfaction.


Release, The MELODIES, Precious to your Heart, For these Harmonies, Are filled with Vivacity,  Able to Vitalise the Soul, Strengthen the Bones, Clarify the Imagination, Adding Inspiration,  To overcome Mountains, Or any other Hindrance, So you can Spring Forward, Blossoming, in this New Season.


Dwelling within,  TINY SPACES, Are opportunities, To grow, and expand, Beyond the borders , Erected by conditions,  Breaking down walls, Inventing, refining. erecting, With mental agility, strength, Gained through, experiences, Until the barriers, are removed, Yielding access, to the field, of dreams, Where the time, and seed sown , blossom, into a golden harvest.


You are the Colour, Where there has been Sorrow, The Peace, from your Heart, Consumes Distress, Sweetness and Harmony, Overflow from your Lips, Adding shades of Beauty, To lives overwhelmed, by Disappointments, You fill the atmosphere with Vibrancy, Potent enough to revive the weary, igniting a Change..


There is a Sweet,  Captive Fragrance, From the northern Hemisphere,  Flooding the atmosphere, with Glow, Sent by the earth,  to announce the gathering of DAFFODILS , On large FIELDS, 40,000 strong, in the heartland of Reading, Connecticut, These birth flowers of March, and beloved of Wales, are rising with Yellow Petals, like Eagles, Delightfully announcing…


Her Beauty, Hails from, The Workmanship, Of CONFIDENCE, Refined by trials, Golden, Bestowing Style, Grace, Not easy to imitate or create a wax figure, It overflows, from the depths, of her consciousness, Forming an invisible shroud, with layers of textures and colours, Impenetrable, Powerful, like the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Mind, Is the Home, For CONTEMPLATION , Where Rooms abound, Designed with Colours, Structured to Process, Diverse Experiences, Until Answers emerge, From Deep Reflective Words, Strengthening the Will, Emboldening the Heart, To Overcome Hardships, By Strategy and Optimism. 


Concrete Walls, White as Snow, Cool to touch, especially in Summer, Decorating the atmosphere, with a clean look, Adding freshness. a perfect space for flowers,  Renaissance Art, hangs elegantly off its chest, made of bricks,  Accessorised with stairs, of matching shade, elegantly curved, Where, I sit, sometimes, with a sandwich in hand, or Ms Marple’s…


A Workshop, Is a BREEDING HUB, For Insights and Innovations, Conceived through Practice, Birthed by Determination, A Beacon of  Consistency, Unlimited in Expressions, Distress dissipates, within this Creative Grid, Liberating Visions, from the Cage of Doubt, Magnifying the Imagination, to produce the Exemplary. 


Open up, The Gates, Of your Heart, To RAYS OF LIGHT, Illuminator of Minds, Perfect Healer, Peace-Giver, Unshackling the Tormented,  With the Sword of Knowledge, Forged from Understanding , To crush Deception’s Army.


Our Daily, Sojourn, Is the gateway,  To higher summits, Revealing, and unveiling, Answers, insights, directions, We crave, to accomplish, visions, Life-long, or just for the present time, Either way, Patience and Understanding , Are the DYNAMIC DUO, acting as chariots, Able to help us, navigate steep terrains, and crush anxieties, Ferrying the lost, across hot…


A fiery Presence, Indescribable heat,  Gathers in the core ,   Where, life resides, Causing an AWAKENING, Of vision, mixed with inspiration,  Like a shift in the atmosphere, before a storm, From this catalyst, energy flows, as the source for change, Providing might, to accomplish more, by soaring above limits,  Accompanied by much satisfaction, and…


JOURNEY. Through life, With your best shoes, Usually the reject, of  a fashion parade, But endures as  covering for the feet, Made for rough terrains, tough adventures , Providing stability, when you climb high mountains, Or shuffle down a slimy slope, where others have struggled, Whatever the choice is, leather or rubber, beautify the footwear,…


IF THE MIND, Is at rest, Full of calm, Like the Pacific Ocean, It would easily discern, As well as resist, toxic thoughts, Seeking a place to vandalise, Till all that exists there, is Havoc. IF THE MIND, Is at rest, Full of calm, Like the Pacific Ocean, Inspiration would flow in, easily, Enabling desires,…


Our Lives, Are like figured silk, LAVISHLY PATTERNED, With spectacular textiles, Created with diverse colours, Amplified by complex weaving styles, Our essence made radiant, to subdue dark clouds,, And beautify the earth, with the goodness we know.


Selflessly, He races across, the battlefield of life, Carrying the wounded, upon his back, His zeal for saving lives, is an invisible armoury, Strapped across the shoulders, like a Roman soldier, Conviction propels him across, the field of lies, While he wields Truth, as a weapon, to preserve nations, For this reason, his name is…


Let go, Of Weights, Clinging from the Past, Invest towards your Future, For It holds MUCH PROMISE, Answers will soon be Released,  From the most unexpected Source, To provide Insights and Guidance, Capable of catapulting You,  Beyond obvious Limitations, When this opportunity Shows Up, Respond with agility, to silence Fear, and unlock Dreams, Then you…


Do not allow, Present pressures, Force you to abandon, The vision in your heart, Which you have held on to, Through winter and heat, adding time and energy, Conquer the barriers, through TENACITY, a formidable ally. For You have an inborn capacity, to build a unique enterprise, others might find daunting.


Books, Hold MEMORIES, Of lives, dreams, experiences, Not just records for humour, Each page, is a secret keeper, Whose meaning would be discovered, Through reasoning, and understanding, Such is the adventure, awaiting You and I, Anytime we seek for a compilation, good enough to read.


Finally! A Masterpiece, Has emerged, From the same tools, Sent to dissuade her, From discovering abilities, Intrinsic, but undeveloped, Yet, overtime, the quest to succeed, Drew out that which was hidden,  Transforming the unseen,  Into a MAGNIFICENT CENTREPIECE .


Magnificent,  Is the Scala d’Oro, A Roman-Styled Staircase, Dwelling, in the city of Venice, Made of White and Gold Stucco, Flanked by Abundance, and Charity, This artistic jewel, designed with exquisiteness, Stands, as a monument of Defence, and relic of  past Victories, In order to preserve a rich history, that can inspire ‘You and I’,…


Hidden in the attic, Lies the family heirloom, A  large Vintage machine, in a golden box, With a fancy carriage, and keys matching the stars, Though the years have past, and MacBook Pro, has been released, Yet this typewriter is still held sacred, the topic of family meetings,  A cousin , once speculated that its…


She spoke rapidly, Whenever, anyone, Asks for her name, Causing confusion,  Amongst people, Who have tried,  To converse with her, For this reason, she was called the ‘Shy One’. Until one day, when a friend decided to help end the charade: “Why do you speak so fast… is hard to converse with you”? her friend…


I still remember, the smell,  Like it happened, yesterday, A horrible, nauseating stench,  A combination, of despair and mildew, Which clung to my nostrils, as I climbed the stairs, Potent enough, to dissuade anyone from going further,  Yet curiosity won, propelling me through, double Oak Doors,  Into the Den, filled with relics, for the work…


The presence, Of adversity, Should not symbolise, The end of a vision, or existence, Just consider, it to be a challenger, Who has chosen to, ‘throw down the gauntlet’, With the aim, of dissuading you,  From the path, of greatness, Most clear, certain and fulfilling, So do not Surrender, or Give Up, Rather, just LIKE…


The Heart,  Flourishes, Gloriously, In the depths, Of  TRANQUILITY, Where sound is asleep, When all creation, earth, Communicate, ideas of life, Stirring up, the imagination, To recreate, and fill up void, Producing energy, for longevity, In an atmosphere, of  continuous contentment.


WORDS, Spoken in haste, Are like daggers,  Hard, to retrieve,  Painful, to bear.  Damaging, to lives, Burning-up zeal, Like, boiling hot liquid, Best to avoid, where feuds exist, For feelings of anger, rage or hurt,  Can subside, fading away, with the night, But utterances, of hate, linger, clinging to the soul,  Until revenge happens, eradicating…


The Rare Hibiscus, Named the ‘KOKI’O,  Is a beauty to behold,  With luscious redness, And a strong, sweet fragrance, Providing insight, transparency, Into the nourishment, embedded, under the earth’s surface, Soil and life, infused as one, flowing into seeds, planted in the ground, Until mighty leaves, emerge, full of vigour, to sustain those, who once…


A Room, Full of Treasures, Provides Pleasure, To the Senses,, Adding confidence,  Where it is lacking, For it relays success , Without much words, However, this feeling, Fades away, like vapour, Once challenges emerge, An exception, would be, If THE SOURCE, of Delight, Is a Heart full of Gratitude, for a Good Life, Such an…


Have you seen, Wonders unfold, In the bright Sky? They are Translucent, Changing Colours, Like the Firmament , White, Silver, Grey, Acting as a SHIELD, Against the pressure, To drown in the flood of despair, So appreciate, the messages of love, you received at 6 this morning , And the valiance of the stranger, who…


 You were Woven,   Delicately with Gems,  In the shade of Ebony ,   Pure Silk, is the texture of your skin,   Displaying Splendour, the aura of Royalty,  Your Presence, beautifies more than Ornaments,  Forming GOLDEN CHORDS, from voices filled with Joy,  At the sight of much radiance, overflowing out of your Core.


The walls,  In this cave, Holds BLUE, Like Truth, To be a treasure, For it conveys, Calmness and clarity, When the Moon, Dominates the Sky, Obstructing light, Yet it is not hopeless, This little room, filled with colour, Has many spaces, strong and soft, Where those seeking gladness, Can engage with vibrancy , until the…


I have often wondered, if it would make a difference, for members of a community, borough or city, to have a place to gather, share ideas, insights, resources and comfort, irrespective of status, nationality or creed? Would love, understanding and tolerance flow to heal the broken-hearted, strengthen the weak, embolden the frightful, give direction to…


TIME, Stands as a witness, Of the pains gone by, Victories soon to be seen, Visions unfolding, Barriers breaking, Vigour renewed, Commitment unleashing, Success landing,  Legacies emerging,  Till that which is outstanding, takes form,  And reforms the shattered structures.


Determination, Can help push the Boat, Beyond the RIVER’S EDGE,  When its Oars have broken off, And the Wind has gone silent, For our Will – Power, galvanises, Supplying Strength, to overcome difficulties, Until Fear is subdued, and Might rises higher,  To attain the Success, imprinted in our imagination.


It is difficult, Resisting, the currents of the river, When it flows downwards, with much force, Sweeping away granites and rocks, from its path, Even the fishes, skilled at evading, the fisherman’s hook, Follow, the mighty pull of the stream, in its chosen direction, Yet, the human’s will,  refined and strengthened,  can withstand, Intense pressure,…


If I happen to pass by you, On my journey through life, Whether am walking slowly or limping, Kindly, NOURISH ME with Words of Support , For my soul and bones, were weakened. by the weight of expectations,  Imposed on me, by those who value injustice and gain, above my existence, But the Bell of…


There is  a Castle, hidden in plain sight, by the river’s edge. It has beauty on every side, petals forming a shroud, while joyous melodies and laughter resound strongly from its walls. The scents emanating from within this magnificence, are like Lavender mixed with Oud, awakening an awareness and zest within a heart once dead….


The Remains, Of Amphipholis, Once dwelling, On the plains of  Northern Macedonia, Has revealed images of ancient magnificent Structures, As a reminder, of the unique skills and abilities, embedded in our Souls, Waiting to be discovered, which if utilised, can produce immense Transformations, And incorruptible Legacies, generations to come, will attest to, as the source…


A Goldsmith, Works with focus, On gold, silver, platinum, Using intricate skills of, Cutting, forging, melting,  Casting, beating, soldering, In a burning hot furnace, Until a unique shape is formed, Which might appear to be valueless, at first, But eventually, would evolve,  into a physical expression, Of the worker’s vision, capabilities , design, dedication, Represented…


The Stars connect,  With the chord of purpose, Enshrouded with bright light,  Glittering , helping eyes to see, Illuminating the pathway, urging the dawn to appear, Their footsteps moving visibly across the sky, reminding many that darkness would certainly fade, And afterwards, Splendour would appear, dressed as the Sun, to reveal the GLADNESS OF A…


The secret, Of the bright bloom, Called MARIGOLD, Crafted by the Sun’s beam,  Lies in its visage, of magnificence, From which,  cheerfulness radiates, energises, Inspiring vibrancy to flow, enriching the repressed, Colouring the earth, with copper-brown beauty, With confidence, these daisies, share their strengths, Uplifting multitudes, with their unending love and dedication to serve.


Has Love, Become a LUXURY, Only a few can afford? Has it now become a phrase, used as a slave of deceit and manipulation, To deprive the vulnerable and empathetic of  dignity and possessions? Should Love be about our feelings, desires, ambitions and progressions, Rather than a heartfelt commitment to the Truth, as well as…


Let the words, Of the children, freely speak, Where sorrow, has reigned, Either in a nation, or an assembly of giants, For their voices, are filled with sincerity, impartiality, joy, laughter, And a love for existence, which many have lost  to the devourer, called ‘disappointment’, The sounds from these TENDER BEINGS, transmits echoes of hope,…


The rich sounds, Of the AULOS, Rides upon the wind, To Awaken the soul,  Trapped, in a fretful sleep, For the chords, of this circular pipe, Relays, the melody, for tomorrow , Formed with Sweet codes, of emancipation ,  Destroying burdens, unshackling voices, So many, can join the chorus, of the heart, To overcome, hindrances,…


I began my journey, in this new month of March, by asking this question:                                                 “ where should we call HOME?” Is it the lavish structure, we dream of living in, usually…


The Theodosian Walls, Of ancient Constantinople, Reminds me, of the security, PROTECTION provides, Largest,strongest, impregnable,  By a host of enemies, mocked, as they retreat, Able to resist earthquakes, surpassing the golden gates, Shield against, artillery fire, sieges break down in tears, Intimidated, by the fierceness, of this mighty fortress, Whose reach, cannot be curtailed,  even…


I  wear around my neck,  a custom made Necklace, encased in Gold! It is a precious piece, an emblem of hope, specially crafted to inspire the boldness I require to immerse myself in the glory emerging. This ornament is an ageless proof, and expression of  the beauty unfolding, in many lives.  A Splendour’s craft like…


“Beloved brother,   King of the eastern warriors,   I just received news, of your captivity,   In the caves of terror, surrounded by beasts,   Which has caused much sorrow, both within my soul,   And all those who have been ,witnesses, to your benevolence,   For this reason, I have utilised my riches,…


“Dear brother,    I write to express,   My gratitude, to you,   For your display, of solidarity,   When you heard of the siege, against the Citadel,   Resting on the plains of Hatti,  fortified with steel,   The attackers, were members, of my household,   Who had formed a pact, with our enemies,…


“Dear Ally,   You, who I call,  political brother,   I write on this great day, of celebration ,   Holding, throughout our kingdoms,   To commemorate, peace and wealth,   For it is not a secret, that we were both raised,   To hate, each other, for enmity and discord,   Ruled, over our…


Admirable is HER STYLE! Dignified, sophisticated ,  Appreciate the vigour, Colours, texture, embroidery,  An exquisite ensemble, finery, Wrapped perfectly around her frame. Watch HER STYLE! Don’t ignore the Sashes, Admire the Bao Tranchi Sequins, Woven over Satin, like Judy Gao, Unique, Elegant, makes me wonder, If she learnt fashion, from Badgely Mischka. There is Life…


Those Shards of rays,  Encased in bronze, Hanging above the mantle piece, Is much more than a mere MIRROR, Rather, it provides a reflection, Of the thoughts and imaginations, Hidden as shadows, in the soul,  But are now exposed, to the physical senses, Through this artefact, discerner of insecurities, To enable correction, and eradication of…


Dark thoughts, Are like dark clouds, Appearing as terror, But are heralds, of the change to come, For they usher in, the waters of refreshing , Cleansing the grounds, where the battle has been fierce,  Those fearsome voices, ignite hunger for new ideas, leading to greater heights, So ride upon, any messenger of doom, for…


At Dawn, Just before, the Fog, Bowed, to the rising Sun, Birds, of various Forms, Blackbirds, Robins, and Wrens, Small, but masterful with Chords, Flew together, to reach what seemed like a Vortex, But was actually, a whirlpool of dried fruits, Seeds, Raisins, Sultanas, Currants, the best earthly Grains, Mixed together, to create, a feast…


Dear Friend, Your sweet smile, And heart-warming words, Are the never-ending delight,  Of my weary soul, battered by battles, But now strengthened, by your selfless giving, Which have impacted lives, across many continents , Hence, on this day, I choose to celebrate, the beauty you are, Greatly magnified, by the sincerity, of  your countenance, higher…


THE TRUTH, Can cause the soul, To writhe in unbearable pain, When reality, is separated from falsehood, And understanding dawns that our expectations, Were based on a mirage, producing explosions, like a volcano, numbing the senses, So many try to avoid this internal surgery, by ignoring voices of insight, revelations, And carry on building with…